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Kenmore HVAC

Winters® Home Services proudly installs Kenmore products to residents of Massachusetts. As one of the most trusted names in HVAC brands, Kenmore is backed by exclusive innovations and features. Kenmore offers high-performing furnaces, boilers, heat pumps and water heaters.

Kenmore Air Conditioners

Kenmore has a wide range of air conditioners, from portable, to multi-room, to Elite. Kenmore’s Energy Star rated air conditioners use 10% less energy than the government standard, saving you energy and money. Whether you go with a basic air conditioner or an Elite air conditioner, Kenmore’s focus is to save you energy and money.

Kenmore Heat Pumps

Kenmore offers 17 SEER Performance Heat Pumps which operates with a two-stage compressor for humidity control. This heat pump provides Kenmore’s highest efficiency level. Reaching up to 15 and 14.5 SEER, Kenmore’s 14.5/15 SEER is featured in two models – 77390 & 77330. Included in this series are the Copeland scroll compressor and diagnostic control board.

Kenmore Furnaces

Kenmore’s furnaces are Energy Star efficient, representing the leading edge in energy efficient products. Much like Kenmore’s air conditioners, they have many different sizes of furnaces to cater to customer’s needs. Kenmore offers a single-stage natural gas furnace, a two-stage natural gas furnace, and an electric furnace. The single-stage natural gas furnaces feature the manufacturer’s “hot surface ignition” technology for a quieter burner start up.

The secondary heat exchanger promotes fuel efficiency while the insulated cabinet panels help retain heat and muffle noise. The two-stage natural gas furnaces feature fully insulated cabinet panels, two heat exchangers, an electronic ignition system, and your choice of a single or direct vent system. The electric furnaces have thermal protective components on the blower motor and heater elements to make the unit safe during operation.

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