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Fulton HVAC

An American multi-national group, Fulton Companies provides a wide array of heating products using new technology innovations. While providing substantial heat to the home, these systems are energy efficient and environmentally-friendly. The Fulton team is dedicated to delivering high-performance technology when it comes to its steam boilers and thermal heating systems. Winters® Home Services has installed countless Fulton heating systems in homes and businesses.

Fulton Steam Boilers

Fulton builds tubeless vertical steam boilers with capabilities of being low emission and low energy, while running on oil or gas. Fulton steam boilers feature efficiencies close to 100%. They have 6 different models for you to choose from to help you decide on what would work best for you. It showcases a quiet and safe operation, with a flue gas enhancing system for increased efficiency, and a compact design to fit industry needs. Fulton steam boilers are your perfect choice for the industries of laundry and dry cleaning.

Fulton Thermal Heaters

All Fulton thermal heaters offer a compact, fuel-fired 4-pass heater design capable of operating at temperatures up to 750°F (400°C), with heater sizes from 800,000 BTU/hr. to 14,000,000 BTU/hr. output. The heater is designed to allow for high fluid velocities and low film temperatures, which transforms into system longevity. Fulton offers several burner and control options to best meet your application needs.

Features of Fulton Thermal Heaters include:

  • Low Emission
  • High Operating temperatures
  • No Blow-Downs, Steam Traps or Condensate Return Systems
  • Pipework Simplification and Protection of Thermal Fluid from Oxidation and Continuous DE aeration of Fluid to Avoid Pump Cavitation

The Fulton corporation works hard to deliver the best to its variety of customers. Its heating products can be customized to meet the needs of the specific customer and industry. Winters® Home Services does its best to make sure your Fulton products are installed properly in your home or business.

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