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Delonghi HVAC

Winters® Home Services has been providing heating and cooling installations, repairs and maintenance to Boston MA and the surrounding towns. As a company with years in the industry, we pride ourselves on our superior products and attention to detail. One of our most desired brands is Delonghi which is increasing in popularity.

This Italian appliance manufacturer brings comfort to the homes of customers with their line of portable air conditioners. Exhibiting brand new comfort technology converting water to air, it is the only manufacturer in the world showcasing this kind of technology. This technology delivers optimized performance, utilizing lower energy in the home.

Delonghi Portable Air Conditioner

Delonghi portable air conditioners are revolutionizing the way we experience home cooling. From full accessories including remote controls to LCD screens, Delonghi is the king of functionality. The DC inverter and water to air technology allows the AC unit to reach your desired temperature quickly, and maintain it at a constant, creating a comfortable space. The maximum cooling capacity of 17,000 BTUs are able to cool up any space up to 500 square feet.

When you have chosen a product that is energy efficient and power saving, you know you have done something right. People across the world feel at ease, having chosen Delonghi as their air conditioner of choice.

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