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Burnham HVAC

Burnham HVAC is part of U.S. Boiler Company, a brand that makes one of the most reliable, durable and safest heating products. Winters® Home Services has been providing repair, maintenance and installations on Burnham boilers for over twenty years. No matter what your boiler needs are, we offer same-day service and we are open 24/7 to take care of all client emergencies.

Burnham Boilers

Burnham makes two popular boilers, the Alpine and K2. These boilers are Burnham’s most popular boilers that are available up to 95% efficient and can provide about a 15 to 20% savings in energy, which is equal to a month or more of heating fuel costs. Burnham’s technology also enables these boilers to have adjustable firing rates, which enables them to provide only the heat needed to meet demand.

With the unpredictable and unsteady temperature and climate in Boston, homeowners that choose Burnham boilers will also benefit from the outdoor air temperature monitor feature. The temperature sensor located outside the house enable the boiler to determine the output to match the heating requirement. This is particularly helpful when we are in between seasons.

Wall-Mounted and Floor Mounted Boilers

If you are looking for additional space, both the Alpine and K2 boilers are available as wall mounted boilers. This allows flexibility in tighter installation spaces.

If you need your Burnham boiler repaired, or just looking for a boiler replacement, contact Winters® Home Services at (617) 977-3101 or schedule service online. Our professional heating and cooling technicians will help you repair your boiler and help you determine what heating equipment will be best suited for your home.

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