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American Standard HVAC

Winters® Home Services is very familiar with servicing and installing American Standard heating and cooling products. American Standard makes residential and commercial central air conditioners, furnaces and heat pumps. American Standard was formed in 1929 and has been in business for many years. The company was acquired by Trane in 1984 and by Ingerscoll-Rand in 2008 while retaining the brand name.

American Standard Air Conditioner

American Standard offers air conditioners under the Allegiance and American Standard names ranging from Silver to its top-tier Platinum units. Allegiance options can reach up to 20 seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER). This number represents the ratio between energy input and cooling accomplished. The higher the SEER is, the higher the energy efficiency level is.

Silver series are the least expensive and come standard, while the Gold series, which is named the Allegiance series, have higher SEER ratings. The highest series, known as Platinum, offer two different compressors each, which allows the system to use full power during really hot conditions yet operate with less energy during less extreme weather.

American Standard Furnace

Similar to air conditioners, American Standard’s furnaces series correspond to the cooling series. However, there are thirteen different types of furnaces the brand offers.

Whether homeowners decide to go with the least expensive series, Silver series, or the most efficient and expensive, the Platinum series, it is important to consider the furnace’s effectiveness in its annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE). This number is the proportion of input energy that gets transformed into thermal energy for the house. Keep in mind that the higher the AFUE is, the more efficient the system is, and the more you’ll save on your heating bills per year.

American Standard Boilers

Winters® Home Services service and install American Standard gas-fired boilers. These boilers have the AFUE of about 83.6% to 84.3%. These boilers have heavily insulated gaskets to prevent heat and sound from escaping.

American Standard Heat Pumps

Heat pumps, also known as ductless systems, are very efficient systems that pump warm air into the house during the cold weather, and cold air during the warm weather. These are very useful for those homes that wish to heat certain areas of the home instead of the entire house.

Similar to the furnaces and central air conditioners, American Standard’s heat pumps come in the Silver, Gold and Platinum Series. Systems in the higher series have higher seasonal energy efficiency rating (SEER), containing a higher level of efficiency.

Not sure which American Standard heating and cooling product to choose? No worries, Winters® Home Services is familiar with all its products, call (617) 977-3101 or schedule online  for a $29 estimate and let us help you find the best American Standard product for you and your home.

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