Can Liquid Drain Cleaners Damage Pipes?

By Winters Home Services

Quick and easy fixes are convenient in the moment. However, over the long haul, they can do more harm than good. This can be the case with liquid drain cleaners. In the short term, they can clear a clogged pipe here and there, but at what cost? If you rely on liquid drain cleaners too often, you can permanently damage your pipes, leading to expensive repairs. Sometimes, the better option is to contact a plumber and have your drains professionally cleaned.

Benefits of a Professional Drain Cleaning

Professional drain cleaning provides several benefits, especially when compared to DIY drain cleaning solutions, such as liquid drain cleaners. The following are a few of the benefits of a professional drain cleaning:

  • Effective – A plumber will be able to determine what is causing the clog and the best way to unclog the drain. Using a liquid drain cleaner to unclog a drain is no guarantee. In some cases, they don’t work. In other instances, they work initially, but because they don’t solve the issue causing the clogs, the clog comes back. A professional drain cleaning will ensure that the clog is cleared effectively the first time and that the issue causing the clogs will be solved as well.
  • Avoid Damage – The chemicals that make up liquid drain cleaners are hazardous. They can be dangerous for you to use if you’re not careful, including causing you health problems. In addition, they can damage your pipes, especially if used too often. The corrosive chemicals in liquid drain cleaners can wear away at your pipes, which can lead to pipe leaks and burst pipes.
  • Less Hassle – Most people don’t want to do their own plumbing. It can be time-consuming and messy. Having a professional take care of your plumbing needs allows you to avoid the hassle that comes with handling plumbing problems on your own.

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