How Do Ductless AC Systems Work?

July 14, 2022

Air conditioner ducts (also known as AC ducts) are connected to the HVAC unit. They are the conduit through which warm or cool air is distributed from the HVAC unit to rooms throughout a home or business.

In the past, AC ducts were a necessary part of all high quality air conditioning systems. However, that was before the arrival of ductless AC systems.

Benefits of a Ductless AC System

Ductless air conditioning systems (also known as mini splits) are exactly what the name implies. They are AC units without ducts. Ductless AC systems involve placing individual AC units in rooms throughout a home or business and linking them all to a single outdoor compressor. The individual units each have their own evaporator coils. The coils are cooled with refrigerant. The ductless units take warm air from the room. The heat from the air is absorbed by the coils and the refrigerant transfers the heat from the air to the outdoor compressor. Once the heat is removed from the air, the ductless AC unit sends cool air back out into the room.

Ductless AC systems provide several benefits, including:

  • Less Costly – Traditional HVAC units often cost thousands to install or replace. Ductless AC units usually only cost hundreds to install or replace.
  • Energy Efficient – Ductless AC systems can cool your home for a fraction of what it would cost for a traditional central heating and air system to do the same.
  • Targeted Temperature Control – Since ductless AC systems have air conditioning units in each room of your home or business, you can better control the temperature in individual parts of your home. For example, if no one spends much time in a room in your home, you can keep the AC unit in that room off most of the time and avoid wasting energy and money.

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