Dear Creepy Basement,

October 22, 2020

Recall the last scary movie you watched. Did it have a creepy basement scene? Most do, but why is this the case? Basements have been assigned this eerie motif, one that we hope does not follow true for you. However, if you do have a basement that is in need of some love and attention, don’t be frightened to get started on those repairs.

Here are the common basement problems and how to fix them:

Foul Odors

If your basement smells weird, do not let this fester. Dampness or musty odors are a clear sign that water is collecting somewhere in your space. Inspect your basement, including your crawl space, for water leaks. If you find pooling water anywhere, have a plumber come out as soon as possible. You don’t want to leave water damage unattended, as mold can become an implication overnight.

Mold & Mildew

When it comes to moisture build-up at home, mold, corrosion, and rot become serious threats. So what causes moisture to accumulate at home? From a crack in your sewer line to an improperly installed appliance, your home humidity can skyrocket. And, when this happens your home’s structural integrity becomes jeopardized. Make sure your basement is well ventilated and has adequate airflow to avoid these potential basement problems.

Cracks & Leaks

Whether your laundry is in your basement or not, plumbing pipes run all along your basements walls and flooring. If one cracks, this could cause rust and further deterioration of your structures. Check your basement regularly for any cracks in your surfaces and for any discoloration of walls or flooring. Water stains will appear if you do have a leak, so if you catch any unusual markings on your furnishings, contact your local plumbers for leak inspection and repairs.

We will help keep your basement intact and far from resembling a horror movie set. For routine system maintenance and check-ups, contact Winters Home Services at 617-221-5899!

‘Til Next Time, 

CJ The Plumber