Can I Wash Beauty Products Down the Sink?

September 23, 2019

The short answer is “no”. When bottles can be completely emptied, empty as much of the product into the trash where it will end up in a landfill. The bottle should not be rinsed out, but a paper towel can be used to clean it. After cleaning, you can recycle the makeup bottle if it is plastic or glass.

Self-care is trending! So, I thought I would write a new blog about how DIY skin-care products affect your sink. When it comes to beautifying on a budget, “Do-It-Yourself” products are a great way to save and have some fun in the process. Some of the most popular homemade skincare masks are made out of eggs, charcoal, shea butter, clay, coconut oil, and coffee grounds. If the recipe includes any of the former, it’s best to keep that product out of your sink.

If you are purchasing a skincare mask, labels will instruct you on whether or not that product can go down your drain. Follow those instructions! Most masks will clog your sink, as they are high in viscosity. Imagine the pipe inside your sink as an artery. If you fill-up the pipe with fats like coconut oil, or sticky substances like glue, it will clog. The thicker and gooier the substance, the more likely it will clog your drain.

Beware of Beauty Products Clogging the Sink!

If your mask of choice is made out of clay, mud, or glue, it’s pretty much a no-no when it comes to rinsing it down your bathroom sink.

You may have read online that lining your bathroom sink with paper towels will collect all of the washed off product, but that’s not the case. Why? Because the paper towels themselves can break apart and clog your sink – resulting in the same dilemma you were initially trying to avoid. So, what’s the solution? Avoid mud, clay and charcoal/glue masks forever? Obviously not! Simply place a fine mesh cloth or a screen over your drain when applying, and washing off, your skincare products.

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