Drain Cleaning DDIY – “Don’t Do It Yourself”

November 18, 2019

CJ the Plumber here, with a new blog on DIY drain cleanings. The rule of thumb, in this scenario, is to simply not “do it yourself”. The acronym we like to use here at Winters® Home Services is “DDIY”—“Don’t Do It Yourself”.

You may be thinking “you’re a home service company, of course, you don’t want me to try this myself”; however, this blog is entirely for your protection. If you care about your plumbing, your safety, and your money—DDIY is for you.

My blog today will explain the potential harm DIY drain cleaning tactics can cause to both yourself and your plumbing. Read on!

The Major DIY’s To Avoid

The Boiling Water Method

One word—splashback. When you pour boiling water down your drain, you can burn yourself. The risk is definitely not worth the temporary solution it provides and the potentially irreparable damage it poses to your plumbing.

When you pour boiling water down an affected drain, it may seem as though the clog dissipates; however, this relief is will only last momentarily. And, you’ve most likely damaged your piping in the process.

If you have plastic pipes, this DIY hack will melt your pipes, and you will need to schedule a pipe replacement. Save yourself and your pipes—contact Winters® Home Services for drain cleaning.

The Concoction Conspiracy

Mixing baking soda and vinegar together to create a homemade chemical drain cleaner is simply ineffective, and a waste of those resources. The mixture will eat away at your clog, but it will not remove it. This concoction will really only breakthrough parts of your blockage—and your clog will remain in your pipe.

Your clog will also return with a vengeance. It will have grown, as more debris catches onto the existing clog as time passes. Professional plumbers know how to remove an entire blockage and prevent future clogs. DIY attempts provide temporary solutions that lead to worse outcomes later on. Avoid a drain debacle and schedule professional drain cleaning.

The Coat Hanger Hack

Nothing is worse for your drains than a homemade snaking tool. Using a coat hanger or hanging wire simply can’t compete with a professional plumbing snake.

Inserting a MacGyvered tool into your pipes can push your clog further into your pipe, making it more difficult to remove later on. You can also get your tool stuck in your pipe. If you do lose your tool in your pipes—whatever you do—do not stick your hand down your drain, especially if you are dealing with your garbage disposal. Your hand can get stuck, cut, and bruised. If your drain needs snaking, it’s best to leave this job to the professionals.

The Chemical Cleaner Tactic

Never purchase store-bought drain cleaners. The chemicals in these cleaners are toxic and harm both your pipes and the environment. If your pipes are old, metal, or plastic, or if your drain is completely blocked, severe damage can occur as a result of using these products.

Most chemical cleaners are made with hydrochloric acid, which corrodes pipes, eating away at them until they dissolve. You’ll end up with irreparable damage. Avoid replacing your plumbing by leaving the drain cleaning tactics to the guys that know them best—Winters® Home Services.

Why DDIY? Because DIY drain cleaning is ineffective, dangerous, and damaging.

For professional drain cleaning, contact Winters® Home Services at 617-221-5899. We will remove your clog safely and protect your plumbing from future clogs in one fell swoop!