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July 22, 2019

New homes definitely have their perks. They are usually energy-efficient and aside from the minor stuff, are virtually maintenance-free for years. One of the big draws is how everything is brand-new, and homebuyers don’t have to worry about having to replace roofs, shingles, carpets, plumbing, etc. for years to come. In other words, new homes often translate to “peace of mind” for the homebuyer.

If you’re having a new home built, you’ll be putting thought into the kind of flooring you want, layout, design, appliances, cupboards, etc. but you should also think about the plumbing, that is if you’re using a custom home builder. It doesn’t hurt to see if the builder can do a few things to make your life easier down the road.

Plumbing Considerations in a New Build

Before you sign on the dotted line for that brand-new custom home, ask the builder if he will accommodate the following plumbing requests:

Can the water heater be placed in the basement? If your new home won’t have a basement, the furnace and water heater should be located on the main floor of the home. Have an aluminum drain pan placed under the water heater, and have the drain pan hooked up to the sanitary sewer.

Will you have a basement? If so, we recommend having the furnace, water heater, water softener, sump pit, sewage ejector pit, sewage connection, and the main water shut-off valve all located in the same corner of the basement.

Will you be building on a crawl space? If so, you do not want the main water shut-off valve to be located below, where it’s very difficult to access in case of an emergency. Instead, have the main shut-off valve placed into the main living space of the house for accessibility.

Are you going to have a water softener installed? Even if the answer is “no,” we recommend having the plumbing set up for it, especially if you’re building slab home. If you choose to sell the house down the road, this can be a selling feature. It also makes it easier to install a water softener after the house has been built.

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