Coffee Grounds Down the Drain: Are They OK?

What do you do after you brew coffee? Are you in the habit of pouring them down the kitchen sink and turning on the garbage disposal? If so, we advise you to stop doing this immediately. Why? Because, coffee grinds are one of the top causes of blockages and clogged drains – they’re right up there with grease and fats!

You may be thinking, “But I pour them down the sink drain every day and I’ve never had a clogged drain!” You see, coffee grinds come from coffee beans, which are virtually rock hard by the time they’re ground and brewed. You certainly wouldn’t want to grind up the pit from a peach, apricot, or nectarine that is about just as hard because they wouldn’t break down like other foods, and it’s the same with coffee beans!

What to Do With Coffee Grinds

If you usually grind coffee beans in the garbage disposal because it seems the cleanest and convenient, we don’t fault you for that. And anyone who has ever had to clean up the trash with spilled coffee grounds after a dog got into it would understand the rationale

Unfortunately, coffee grinds do not break down in water, so instead of grinding up and washing away as normal foods do in a garbage disposal, they clump together and as time goes by, the grounds can form a clump and pack the drain until it develops a clog. So, you do not want to pour coffee grounds down the drain, but there are a number of other practical uses for them, including:

  • Since coffee grounds contain key minerals for plant growth, you can use them to fertilize your garden.
  • Coffee grounds not only fertilize gardens because they are mineral-rich, but they are also great at absorbing contaminants in the soil, particularly heavy metals.
  • Coffee grounds are said to attract worms, which help gardens flourish.
  • You can use coffee grounds as fertilizer by sprinkling them around your plants.
  • You can compost your coffee grounds and use them at a later time.
  • Coffee grounds are great insect repellents when you place them in bowls or sprinkle them around the areas you want to repel insects.
  • To remove fleas from your dog or cat, simply shampoo your pet then rub coffee grounds throughout their fur. Rinse them off and dry as usual.
  • Like baking soda, used coffee grounds can eliminate odors. You can place them in a bowl in the fridge and let them do the work!
  • Mix coffee grounds with coconut oil for a wonderful face or body scrub, or to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

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