How Do I Avoid Water Backflow? | Winters® Home Services

March 14, 2018

Water backflow happens when the steady pressure in your plumbing system fails. This causes the water to flow the opposite direction (backward), which is detrimental to your home’s water supply. Because the water is flowing backwards into your pipes, it may bring a variety of harmful particles with it. These include dirt, bacteria, grease, pesticides, industrial fluids, gasses, and other dangerous substances.

Backflow threatens the health and safety of your family. It will cause your potable water to become polluted, which could lead to diseases and bacterial infections. That is why it is important to take steps to prevent backflow in the first place by installing a water backflow prevention device. This will help keep your home’s drinking water clean, clear, and fresh.

The Benefits of Backflow Prevention Devices

Backflow prevention devices will protect your water from contamination in case of reversed pressure. They work by sensing the reversed flow of water in your pipes and shutting off the valve to stop backflow from entering your home’s drinking supply. They are very effective, and are used in a variety of municipal buildings, food processing plants, medical buildings, and industrial sites.

How Often Should I Test My Backflow Prevention Device?

Once you install a water backflow prevention device in your plumbing system, you will need to test it on a regular basis. As a rule, you should have your device tested at least once a year. This can help ensure it is running properly, and that it will provide adequate protection if the water pressure is reversed.

Over time, the parts of the water backflow prevention device can become corroded. This may cause the device to malfunction. It is necessary to have your backflow prevention device inspected and maintained on an annual basis. Worn down O-rings, broken springs, compromised seals, and other issues may cause your device to stop working. This is fairly rare, occurring in just about 5% of all backflow prevention devices. However, it is still important to inspect and test it on a regular basis to protect your water supply from harmful backflow.

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