10 tricks to ease the allergies!

October 4, 2017

Do I have a Cold or Allergies?

This time of year, is really bad for allergy sufferers. Have you seen these leaves?

Leaves fallen on the ground

These leaves are really wreaking havoc for mold spores. I see my son Michael suffering with runny eyes and sneezing. So instead of Benadryl I am putting a list together of what I am doing to make his life a little better.

My girlfriend Amy has a daughter Riley. She’s really suffering with allergies. With these two reasons before me I decided to make a list of what I am doing to make their lives better. Both kiddies are in their senior years of HS. Missing school at this point is not an option, colleges still need to be seen and sports still need to be played.

So both kids Riley and Michael have been showing signs of allergies. These signs also mimic a cold, scratchy throat, headache, runny eyes, fatigue etc. but don’t be deceived we are treating allergies. A good treatment starts with a plan. So this is what I did.

OTC Medicines

1.We have the basic OTC medicines, we prefer Zyrtec and Flonase. Only by trying all other we learned that these two work best. No offense to the other meds that work….

2.Heating and cooling systems

Change the filter on my heating system ( I do this every three months)

3.Cleaned the duct work and the dust around the vents

4.I just bought this from Iqair.com. these are pricey but I like the reviews and love the product. I had one in my office and now will have one in my house.

5.Avoid outdoor work (No problem for my kid!)

6.Shower often, especially before bed

7.Wash bedding

8.The good better, best alternatives while inside your home.

Good- keep windows closed and circulate air with a fan

Better- keep windows closed and turn on the AC

Best- keep windows closed and operate an indoor air filter like the one I mentioned before from iqair.com

9.Get the damp leaves away from your home

If driving in the car run the ac with windows open for 5 mins, then close the windows. This allows the car to purge out any latent air pollen within your cars AC system.

10.Wash your pet! Our little fury friends also carry pollen on their coats.

We can help with the heating and cooling systems but not the leaves…

Tim Flynn