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Don't Put These Holiday Favorites Down the Garbage Disposal!

Now that we’re smack in the middle of the holiday season, it’s our favorite time of year at Winters Home Services. Thanksgiving through New Year’s is all about celebrating with the ones near and dear to our hearts. It means the kids (and grandkids) take more time off from school. It means cooking our favorite holiday dishes, and of course best of all, it means spending quality time with friends and family, especially loved ones who live far away.

If you love to cook and your kitchen takes a beating during the holiday season, now is perfect for us to write an article about what NOT to put down the garbage disposal. Because, you certainly don’t want your garbage disposal to fail when you’re entertaining 20, 30, or even more of your closest friends and family!

Don’t Put These Foods Down the Garbage Disposal

We’re the first to admit that garbage disposals are fantastic, but they’re also ignored, overlooked and underappreciated. People tend to think that they can grind anything up in the garbage disposal, but this is not the case. Certain types of foods clog the pipes or tangle the blades, leading to a big, icky, not to mention inconvenient mess.

NEVER put these foods down your garbage disposal:

  1. Do not put bones down the garbage disposal, ever. They will not grind up and if you’re lucky enough to get them down the drain, they can get stuck in the pipes and cause a clog down the road.
  2. Celery is a big no-no. Why? Because it’s stringy and fibrous; therefore, it will get tangled up around the garbage disposal’s blades. It’s the same with corn husks and asparagus – don’t put them down the disposal either.
  3. Coffee grinds are seemingly harmless, but in reality, they tend to pile up and turn into sludge in the drain.
  4. You may have heard that it’s OK to put egg shells down the drain but that was a fallacy. The shells’ membrane is the culprit because it can wrap around the shredder and stick to the sides of the garbage disposal.
  5. For obvious reasons, peach pits and avocado seeds should stay out of the disposal.
  6. Grease is bad for your heart and it’s just as bad for your plumbing pipes for the SAME reasons. It gets hard and clogs up the pipes. Do NOT pour grease down the kitchen sink drain, otherwise it could mean an emergency call to a plumber eventually.
  7. Pasta seems harmless, but it’s anything but. Whether it’s cooked or uncooked, it will expand when it’s exposed to water, leading to disposal problems. Same for rice. Don’t put rice or pasta down the garbage disposal.

We hope these tips help you enjoy a seamless cooking experience this holiday season. If something is to go wrong in the kitchen or bathroom, contact Winters Home Services for all of your residential plumbing needs!

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