Why Do Water Heaters Leak?

By Winters Home Services

One of the most frequently asked questions and biggest headaches of all homeowners with significant damage and cost. 99% of the time, the leak comes from the bottom of the water heater. There are usually three scenarios/reasons behind this leak.

1. Hot Water Tank

Over time, minerals in the water tank, such as calcium and lime, build up and slow down heat transfer which overheats the tank bottom. The overheating can weaken the steel and damages the glass lining.

When sediments are left too long, it will begin to crack and rust the tank, which eventually leads to a leak.

In this case, you will need a new water heater.

2. Drain Valve Leak

When you see water at the bottom of the tank, check the inside of the tube for moisture. If there is moisture, the pressure relief valve may need to be replaced.

The drain valve is locate at the bottom of the tank. When this gets old, it leaks water that pools at the bottom of the tank.

Make sure the valve is tight so water won’t seep out of its edge.

3. Pressure Relief Valve

Pressure inside the tank can build up and when water gets too hot, it needs a valve to release the pressure – this is called the pressure relief valve.

The pressure relief valve has a discharge tube that runs from the valve to the floor. This tube ensures that any water leaks from the valve goes downwards, towards the floor for safety reasons.