Trash can full of leaves

How Can I Prevent My Drain From Clogging?

Trash can full of leavesClogged drains often seem unavoidable and while we know to never stick large or hazardous items into the sink, sometimes we get a little careless. Items such as cooking grease, hair, soap and coffee grounds commonly clog up our bathroom and shower drains.

Take a look below at ways to prevent these objects from entering our drains:

  • Store cooking grease in an old container and then put in the trash
  • Put coffee grounds in the garbage
  • Cover the drain with a screen

Every time you use the sink, run hot water to prevent foods and oils from running down the drain. Food particles can easily build up on the interior of the pipes leading to some major clogs. Tossing some baking soda into the drain before using hot water will also help as it absorbs horrible odors and makes your drains smell great.

Take a few seconds to brush your hair before you take a shower or bath so loose hair doesn’t end up clogging the drain. Although some hair is going to go down the drain, you’ll greatly reduce the amount.

Try starting a compost bin instead of relying on the garbage disposal. This saves water, energy and you’re putting substantially less solids down the drain. If you reside in the city of Boston and you don’t have a garden, there are several community gardens that will gladly use compost.

The most important thing you can do is avoid treating your drains like they are a trash can. Sinks and drains are not designed to swallow large items regularly. It’s crucial to pay attention to what exactly goes down your drain.

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